Forbes Middle East selects Bayzat as one of “The Most Promising UAE-Based Startups”

Bayzat is selected by Forbes as one of the most promising start-ups in the UAE.

Earlier this week, Bayzat was selected as one of “The Most Promising UAE-Based Startups” during the launch of Forbes Middle East’s new initiative looking to honor “Business Leaders Inspiring the UAE”. The awards ceremony and new rankings focused specifically on Emiratis and UAE-based enterprises that are pushing the boundaries within the business world. Startups were ranked based on factors such as the amount of money raised, investors’ perception, the executive team, market reach, website ranking and the number of employees.

Forbes Middle East’s new rankings comes at the perfect time after His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced earlier this year that 2015 was to be the Year of Innovation. The UAE government has always played an important role in creating a business friendly environment that encourages entrepreneurial initiatives. As stated by Forbes Middle East, “The message is clear: Startups are an engine for growth. They create jobs, they disrupt old industries and give birth to new ones.”

And that is what we, at Bayzat, have continuously strived to accomplish. It is a great honor and validation to be recognized for our progressive attitude towards the insurance industry. The Bayzat team is constantly working to change the way individuals, employees and employers think about medical insurance.

We have made great progress in 2015 in bringing a modern health insurance experience to the UAE. Here is what we have accomplished so far:

  • We revamped our website to make our user’s experience easier and more enjoyable.
  • We launched online credit card payments so our customers can easily purchase their policy.
  • We introduced Bayzat BenefitsTM, which transforms your medical benefits into an interactive and intuitive online platform.
  • We expanded our product offering so that individuals and small companies can now compare over 100 health insurance plans in real-time.
  • We introduced Get Care to give policyholders the most intuitive and simplest way to understand and interact with their medical insurance plan.

We will have some more major news before the end of the year, so stay tuned…

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