What is Unsurance? A Deep Dive Into Our Latest Campaign

With almost 3,000 policyholders using Bayzat, we used their experiences to create our first social medial campaign.

At Bayzat, we have been working hard to make health insurance benefits in the UAE more accessible and easier to understand. With almost 3,000 policyholders using Bayzat, we have first-hand experience of society’s limited knowledge about medical benefits. As a result, we launched Bayzat Benefits to give health insurance customers in the UAE a better experience. The knowledge and interactions we’ve gained in our journey thus far led us to launch our Unsurance campaign (in collaboration with our creative agency, Clique Interactive).

Identifying the problem

It is ironic that insurance is a product created to protect customers and give them peace of mind; since, when it comes to medical insurance especially, we tend to see the opposite happening. Many policyholders are unsure, unaware and even nervous about their coverage. Rather than having purchased insurance, these people bought unsurance!

Unsurance means being unsure about your insurance. It is a state of mind in which one is doubtful about their policy’s coverage. It is the result of an industry that has lacked innovation as well as an appreciation for its customers. The more we began to educate our users about concepts such as deductibles, co-payment, direct billing, provider network, preauthorization (you get the idea); the more apparent it became that unsurance is a major problem that prevents customers from achieving an important goal of insurance – peace of mind.

The financial impact of unsurance

Having a high degree of unsurance means losing time & money. For example, are you confident you can easily find the nearest hospital or clinic that is in your medical provider network? Did you even know that your medical provider network can change as often as once a month? Why does it even matter? When you go outside the medical provider network, you have to pay for the entire treatment out of your own pocket and get reimbursed by the insurance company. Moreover, many medical insurance policies charge a steep penalty in the form of co-insurance. In other words, they will only reimburse you a percentage of the treatment cost (such as 80% or as low as 50% in some cases). So even if your reimbursement claim is approved, you might not even get the full amount back! Believe us when we say this is just one of many examples we’ve seen.

Many companies started using Bayzat for their health insurance needs because they kept experiencing annual increases in their renewal premiums. Part of the reason is that many employees are not well equipped to use their medical insurance policy the right way. With high unsurance comes higher claims, more doctor visits and higher future premiums for both individuals and companies. So why does unsurance exist?

The average health insurance policy consists of over thirty pages of terms & conditions written in legalese. Finding out what hospitals & clinics are included in a health insurance policy typically means going through an endless Excel table. In other words, unsurance is a result of the lack of both accessibility and transparency about one’s policy.

Claims loss ration for health insurance costs

How to #EndUnsurance

This one is easy, get Bayzat Benefits™ and you will be well on your way to ending your unsurance! We have worked really hard to create a newer, better customer experience when it comes to health insurance. This means making your policy simple and intuitive to use. Some of the benefits include:

Accessing your medical provider network anytime, anywhere

With our intuitive map, you can easily find the nearest medical facility in your direct billing network. This includes hospitals in in the UAE and, depending on your medical policy, international facilities as well. You won’t even need to worry about network updates, just open the Bayzat Benefits app anytime you need to visit a doctor. This also means reimbursement claims are a thing of the past!

Seeing what type of specialist or doctor you should visit

This makes it easy to avoid referrals and save money by seeing the right specialist from the start.

Knowing if your condition is covered under the health insurance policy

You no longer need to mind the terms & conditions; that means there will be no need to go through all your policy documents. Simply search for any benefit, and you’ll be able to see all the relevant information you need to know.

If you would like to learn more about Bayzat Benefits or Unsurance, simply visit our #EndUnsurance page for more details and the chance to test your unsurance-levels by taking our quiz.

Unsurance in the UAE

If you are already one of our customers, you can get Bayzat Benefits™ free of charge for both iOS and Android. If you are not one of our customers, and would like to use Bayzat Benefits™, your first stop is to compare health insurance options in the UAE. If you are an employer and want to provide Bayzat Benefits™ to your employees, you can check out our enterprise solution by clicking here. Better yet, you can purchase a group health insurance policy and not only take advantage of our technology for free, but also experience awesome customer service. 


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