National Health Insurance Co (Daman) - Care Silver DNE with Dental

National Health Insurance Co (Daman)
Yearly Cover
AED 300,000.00
AED 50 per out-patient consultation within Abu Dhabi Emirate; 20% co-pay per out-patient consultation up to a maximum of AED 50 outside Abu Dhabi Emirate; 10% co-pay on out-patient prescriptions, diagnostics, physiotherapy and alternative medicine
Middle East & North Africa, South East Asia
Chronic Conditions
Pre-Existing Conditions
Not Covered


Ambulance Coverage
Hospital Accomodation
Private Room with pre-authorization
Hospital Cash Benefit
Not Covered
Parent Accomodation
Up to AED 100 per day with pre-authorization


Covered for children up to 6 years as per DHA on reimbursement basis
Covered with pre-authorization; up to 15 sessions with 10% co-pay for out-patient treatment
Covered; 10% co-pay on out-patient scans; pre-authorization required for in-patient scans & out-patient specialized scans
Health Checks
Diabetes screening as per DHA on reimbursement; Covered with pre-authorization: annual breast cancer screening (females above 35); annual prostate cancer screening (males above 45); colorectal cancer screening once every 2 years for FIT & once every 10 years for colonoscopy (males & females above 50); annual health check-up for a claim free year on renewal of policy
Psychiatric Treatment
Not Covered
Alternative Medicine
Up to AED 1,500 on reimbursement basis for chiropractic services & alternative medicine with 10% co-pay
Prescription Drugs
Not Covered
Network Coverage
140 Hospitals
1057 Clinics
44 Laboratories
1056 Pharmacies
234 Dentals
0 Optics
Treatment Outside Area of Cover
Covered Worldwide ex USA & Canada for emergency treatment
Treatment Outside Network
80% of covered non-emergency cost subject to network rates on reimbursement basis; 100% of emergency cost on reimbursement basis
Pregnancy Cover
Covered up to AED 30,000 within the UAE & up to AED 10,000 outside the UAE; AED 25 deductible per out-patient consultation within Abu Dhabi Emirate; 10% co-insurance (maximum AED 25) per out-patient consultation outside Abu Dhabi Emirate; pre-authorization required for in-patient treatment; 10% co-insurance on other out-patient services within network (50% co-insurance outside network)
Newborn Baby Cover
Covered with pre-authorization
Natal Complications
Covered up to AED 150,000; pre-authorization required for in-patient treatment
Dental Coverage
Up to AED 1,000 with 20% co-pay & pre-authorization (x-rays, extractions, fillings & RCT)
Accidental Damage to Teeth