Takaful Emarat - Dubai Basic Plan - Dependents & Parents

Takaful Emarat
Available in dubai
Yearly Cover
AED 150,000.00
20% co-pay for some in-patient treatments up to a maximum of AED 500 (annual cap of AED 1,000); 20% co-insurance per out-patient consultation up to a maximum of AED 25
Chronic Conditions
Up to AED 150,000; elective treatment is covered after a waiting period of 6 months for new members
Pre-Existing Conditions
Not Covered


Ambulance Coverage
Hospital Accomodation
Shared room with pre-authorization
Hospital Cash Benefit
Not Covered
Parent Accomodation
Up to AED 100 per night


Covered 100% for children up to 6 years as per DHA
Covered 100% for out-patient treatment (maximum 6 sessions), with 20% co-pay & pre-authorization
Covered with 20% co-pay for out-patient treatment; pre-authorization required for non-emergency CT & MRI scans
Health Checks
Diabetes screening as per DHA (once every 3 year from age 30 & once a year from age 18 for high risk individuals)
Psychiatric Treatment
Not Covered
Alternative Medicine
Not Covered
Prescription Drugs
Not Covered
Network Coverage
16 Hospitals
165 Clinics
17 Laboratories
322 Pharmacies
1 Dentals
0 Optics
Treatment Outside Area of Cover
Covered for emergency treatment in all the Emirates of UAE
Treatment Outside Network
Elective treatment is not covered; in-patient treatment covered 100% in case of a life-threatening emergency
Pregnancy Cover
Covered 100% for out-patient maternity with 10% co-pay; up to AED 7,000 per normal delivery & AED 10,000 for medically necessary C-section, complications & medically necessary termination (including 10% co-pay); preauthorization required for all services; up to AED 150,000 in case of an emergency; 6 month waiting period for non-working spouses if confirmed pregnant before enrollment
Newborn Baby Cover
Covered for 30 days from birth
Natal Complications
Up to AED 10,000 (combined limit with medically necessary C-section & termination) with pre-authorization & 10% co-pay
Dental Coverage
Not Covered