5 tips for team onboarding: The Bayzat way

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Recruitment plays an important role in defining the workforce of any company. Everyone knows that attracting and retaining top talent will do wonders in helping organizations achieve their goals. With Millennials now contributing almost 40% of the workforce, it is imperative that companies overhaul their recruiting and onboarding processes.

The first day of a new job role is both exciting and nerve-racking for a newcomer. It is the responsibility of your HR team to ensure that this experience is as smooth and seamless as possible. So, how do you create the right onboarding practices for your freshers? Right from the Bayzat archives, here are our top five tips to ensure a smooth and engaging onboarding process:

  1. Get to know the company: Irrespective of which role a newcomer is joining, it is essential for them to learn about each department and how they operate. At Bayzat, all newcomers go through an informative three-day onboarding period where they meet team leaders across departments to review in detail how their respective team operates. The newcomer will also have a session with Bayzat’s CEO where he talks about Bayzat’s company culture and vision.
  1. Have lunch with the team: A good way to break the ice between the joinee and the team that they will be working with is to encourage them to grab lunch together. Each Bayzat newcomer shares lunch with their team leader on the first day and with their teammates on the second day. Grabbing a casual lunch leads to informal chats about the role or even personal interests which help contribute towards a cohesive team environment.
  1. Set up a buddy system: Post the three day onboarding session the next step is the two-week long Bayzat onboarding process. The new team member will join their respective teams and are assigned a buddy to help them through the process. The assigned buddy is always a more experienced team member who can mentor the new team member throughout the two-week period. This is one of the most effective ways for the new team member to understand their roles and responsibilities in detail and begin getting some hands-on experience.
  1. Conduct 1-on-1’s with the team leader: Weekly 1-on-1’s  with the team leader are mandatory for all team members. During these meetings, the manager is responsible for assessing the performance of the team member and providing them with the required support. These 1 on 1’s are essential for the newcomer to help build relationships with their team leader and get clarity on improvement areas. We believe in the importance of having radically truthful dialogue between team members and their managers and this is encouraged during each 1 on 1.
  1. Spice it up with a fun game: Onboarding can often be stressful for any new team member as they can be experience information overload. A great way to loosen up is to include a fun game. At Bayzat, we like to play a game called “Know the Bayzlanders” which is essentially a matrix with random, fun facts about a number of Bayzat team members. The goal of the game is for the new team member to speak to as many Bayzat team members as possible and identify which fact belongs to whom. This way, the new team member gets a chance to speak to and meet different “Bayzlanders”.

Onboarding is an essential part of the employee journey and it is HR’s responsibility to make sure onboarding is as effective as possible. Adding a personal touch to your onboarding processes that truly reflect the vision and culture makes sure that you set the right tone for each new team hire from the get go.