Features and Benefits of an Automated Attendance Management System

Last Updated on May 25, 2023 by bhakti

Your employees are your greatest asset in any organization. Keeping them happy, productive and engaged to create a world-class employee experience requires the right tools. Tracking your employees’ attendance manually can be time-consuming and result in errors. Luckily, you can take advantage of automated attendance management systems, packed full of benefits for any organization, no matter the size. 

What is an Automated Attendance System?

An automated attendance management system monitors employees’ time and attendance at work. It generally keeps track of things like:

  • Work hours
  • Leave requests
  • Time off (sick leaves or holidays)

Your HR teams can use a range of tools to effectively manage your employees. Manually keeping track of employee attendance used to be the way, but it’s time to embrace the future of automation.

Why is Attendance Management Software so important?

Out of all the HR tasks, attendance management is perhaps the most tedious. Just think about it, if you don’t know when your employees are working, you can’t really keep track of anything else. You’ll end up with a chaotic system or mountain of spreadsheets, where employees might be off work without you knowing! This impacts your turnaround times, service delivery and more.

If you are managing a remote workforce, it could get rather complicated pretty quickly too!

Adding software to manage your employees’ attendance can save your HR team’s time and drive productivity. Here are a few more benefits to consider.

The benefits of automated time and attendance management systems

An automated time and attendance management system has lots of great advantages. Here are eight of the most important benefits: 

  1. Time saving

Automating attendance management naturally means you save a lot of time. Your HR doesn’t have to spend a lot of time clicking or manually tracking leave requests or time spent working. Plus you aren’t trying to consolidate your biometric system with payroll. The right attendance management software tracks information seamlessly, aligning with your existing payroll software. 

  1. Cost saving

Attendance management systems can reduce costs, by eliminating the inaccuracies of manual timesheets. There are cases of incorrect time reports, false check-ins, tardiness, underpayment, and overpayment, due to human error. This comes at a direct cost to the company and your employee. Research by Axsium Group shows you can save up to $1,600 per employee after implementing attendance automation. You run the risk of underpaying your employees because they can’t prove their presence due to a timesheet miscalculation. 

  1. Higher efficiency = Better Productivity 

Monitoring the entire attendance process from check-in all the way through to payroll and ensuring the data syncs up takes up your HR teams productive time that could be spent elsewhere. With automated attendance, employee hours are tracked and automatically imported into your payroll. HR could use their valuable time formulating strategies and improving decision-making, rather than wasting resources on repetitive administrative tasks. Let them focus on the part of the job they love most – your people.  

Automates Your HR Processes with Bayzat
  1. Accessibility and data

Raw data generates easy-to-read reports on hours worked, overtime, average absences, and any other required customized report in just a few clicks. The visual reports and graphs provide insights on your current operations and enable HR departments to optimize their strategies and policies on leaves, performance, culture, etc. 

  1. Transparent and smooth

All requests can be approved or denied with the click of a button with automation. If an employee makes any request, instant notifications are sent to the relevant manager to approve or deny. This makes scheduling easier and provides insights that could be used when forecasting workloads, busy periods, and budgets. Attendance management systems make workflow efficient and hassle-free. 

  1. Easy to handle different types of attendance

Work from home has become the norm post-Covid-19, making it very difficult for manual attendance and timekeeping. It’s made the traditional manual way of tracking employee attendance almost redundant. Automated attendance systems allow employees to check in and check out using a variety of options via mobile apps, websites, or biometric terminals online. 

  1. Personalized and flexible

Manual systems are limited to a single check-in and check-out and one break. With attendance automation, customized attendance can be configured with your individual attendance shifts, leave schedules, special holidays, and overtime. There is no limit on the conditions that can be set on an attendance management system like Bayzat. There is also an option to integrate attendance on a mobile application that can capture GPS-based attendance. 

  1. Safe and secure

With attendance management systems and biometrics systems in place, the data is highly reliable. It prevents misuse, like buddy punching, and eliminates any costs related to attendance accessories, like lost or stolen access cards.Plus, going digital provides additional security preventing time theft and losing any records. Your attendance should sync with your payroll system, eliminating any room for errors that would, otherwise, occur with manual record-keeping.

  1. Eliminating payroll errors

Human errors tend to occur with manual records, getting your attendance to match up to your payroll is a challenge that could cost the organization. Plus if you get it horribly wrong, you stand the chance of being fined in cases where labor laws are violated. Automating attendance makes this problem go away, as it also integrates with the payroll providing you with a hassle-free process. 

The bottom line

Automated attendance management can help your organization boost productivity. You’ll end up saving a lot of time and money, creating a more transparent system for your HR teams and employees to enjoy. Plus, employees can use their mobile devices to check in. 

At Bayzat, we take attendance management even further. Our automated attendance system is integrated with your existing biometrics software. You can ensure employee attendance is accurate, whether the person works in the office or at home. Leave requests are automatically handled, giving the employee instant access to scheduling decisions. 
So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to discuss how our automated attendance management system could help your business!