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HR transformation: why it’s time for you to embrace the cloud

It’s no secret that businesses around the world are adopting cloud at a rapid rate. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated global cloud adoption in industries ranging from financial services and retail to healthcare and education. And this trend is expected to continue over the coming years. The global cloud...
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How to derive value from insurance data.

How to drive value from insurance data Group health insurance plans are complex things. There’s a huge amount that goes into them and many factors that contribute to their effectiveness. As such, driving the maximum possible value from a group health insurance plan isn’t easy. Like many aspects of...
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Why now is the time to take a digital-first approach to insurance

Despite ongoing digitization in many industries across the UAE, the region’s insurance market is still lagging behind. The current system is outdated and inefficient, limiting productivity and negatively impacting the customer experience. However, the good news is that things are changing as more insurance businesses recognize the need for...
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