Communicating effectively in times of crisis

Communicating effectively in times of crisis

Last Updated on August 17, 2022 by user

After weeks of having to work from home, remote team collaboration and communication has become an integral part of a business, especially in these times of crisis. Employees now rely on their companies to have the right communication tools to not only manage, plan, and complete their tasks but also to help them feel motivated and supported during these challenging times. 

But with a sudden shift in work culture and procedures as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, it’s becoming more challenging  for businesses to ensure that their work from home set up and communication strategy is enough to set them up for success or survive through this crisis. That’s why it’s important to know how to maintain active collaboration amongst your team and having an easy and positive communication flow with the right tools. 

With poor communication, you won’t survive

At a time where we all feel disconnected from everything and everyone, it’s easy for employees to disengage and perform less than usual while working remotely, especially by relying mostly on email communication. So how do you make sure that you maintain effective productivity for business continuity? Be aware of some of the negative effects from poor communication at your workplace:

  • Poor customer service

Having poor communication with your team at this time means that it can then be negatively reflected with your clients.

  • Low employee productivity

When there’s poor communication amongst your team, it causes employees to be more inefficient with no passion or motivation to perform at their best, especially while working from home. 

  • Low expectations

With lack of communication, employees would tend to miss team meetings or deadlines and be unsure of what their priorities are, resulting in poor delivery of their tasks. 

  • Stress in the workplace

It’s already a stressful time for everyone. Keeping a strong and positive attitude and communication will be the stress reliever your team members will need to work better.

Getting the right tools for effective communication

We get it. While working remotely, it can be challenging to establish a good communication plan amongst your team. But emailing your employees or team members it’s just not enough anymore. And especially in difficult times, it gets easier to feel lost and confused with an overload of emails and having unclear visibility of conversations related to projects or topics needed to complete each task. In order to provide effective communication, having a centralized business chat tool is key for a better way to work remotely and enhance productivity at your workplace. 

At Bayzat, we continually adapt, build, and innovate solutions that benefit everyone. That’s why we just launched Bayzat Chat, the productivity tool you need to help facilitate communication with your team when you need it most. While using Bayzat chat, you can ensure better teamwork productivity with easy access to constant conversations anytime, anywhere. And unlike email, Bayzat chat allows all your employees to stay in the loop at all times, highly secure their chats, and use file sharing options whenever they need it. 

Bayzat chat, your benefit and how it works: 

  • Stay in touch with easy access to directly message anyone in your organization
  • Easily create private or shared channels according to departments, projects, or groups that are relevant for you
  • Share any documents and files safely and directly through the app
  • Send voice notes to your team if and when you need it 

Stay connected with your team while working remotely with Bayzat App. If you’re not up and running with Bayzat, get in touch with us to help you get started.