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Having the right HR tools for your business is more critical than ever. With the right Human Resource Management Software, your business can save money and improve productivity. The correct product can transform how your company manages its human capital and help you direct resources to areas that require more attention.

However, if you have ever looked into the HR software market, you’ll know that there is plenty of choices there. Learning which products are the best for your business and HR department is vital to business success. In this guide, you can find detailed information on the benefits of HRMS, the functionalities it offers, and the key things you need to consider when shopping for a product for your business.

What does Human Resource Management Software Do?

Human Resource Management Software is an all-encompassing software designed to help your human capital. HRMS covers many of the most critical elements of the HR department. The software can perform functions such as:

  • Processing payroll
  • Maintaining employee records
  • Handling employee benefits
  • Tracking attendance and work hours
  • Ensuring compliance with UAE labour law
  • Support recruitment and training
  • Improve succession planning

In its essence, HRMS can help centralize many of the HR core functionalities. With the right software, achieving strategic and operational objectives will be more manageable.

Of course, it’s vital to notice that different systems can have different functionalities. You may not find a system that has all the above functionalities in one system. There are specialized programs as well as more comprehensive systems.

Why is HR Software in UAE important to businesses?

The UAE labour market has changed rapidly in the past few decades as the economy has matured. The region has grown, and its businesses have grown alongside, requiring more high-skilled workers to take over.

The region has a mix of workers, from citizens to foreign workers. Having a mix of cultures and different work styles in the workplace can put additional pressure on the workplace. UAE businesses need to have a well-working HR department to respond to these unique challenges in style.

The HR sector in the region has evolved rapidly along with the whole business culture. While companies might have overlooked the importance of HR in the past, these days, most businesses understand the transformative power of HR.

When it comes to modern HR, the role of technology is vital. The reality is that the sector has modernized rapidly. Long gone are the days where HR professionals would manually take care of all the documents. An HR management system allows the automation of data entry and management.

Furthermore, the aftermath of the pandemic meant HR has to be prepared to react to challenges in seconds. Technology can help respond to unique problems that can arise from remote work or other similar situations. Being prepared for future issues is essential.

What are the benefits of an HR management system?

HR software in UAE is vital for business success, and a big part of this comes from the benefits that an effective HRMS gives you. The main benefits are:

  • Reduced workload – HRMS can lessen the workload for HR professionals, resulting in increased productivity. The software automates mundane tasks, streamlining business operations. Your HR staff won’t have to spend as much time with basic administrative tasks but can instead focus on the most important things.
  • Engaged and happier employees – HR software will involve your employees more through different self-service systems. By engaging your employees in the decision-making process like this, you build more trust. An authentic and open relationship can lead to employee happiness that will, in turn, lead to improved productivity.
  • Efficient decision-making – You will have centralized data that can be analyzed in many different ways. Most HRMSs have in-built systems for analysis. The data you generate can then be used to enhance your decision-making.
  • Reduced risks and errors – HR software can reduce errors that could arise from manual data input. The human element of risks is removed, and you can be more reliant on the data you generate. Due to compliance tools, you also reduce other risks. You don’t have to worry about the validity of salary calculations and can rest assured the information is calculated correctly.
  • Enhanced data security – It’s also worth mentioning that HRMS offers data security to the business. You can benefit from enhanced encryption, and with cloud-based systems, be sure that your information is safe from theft and other disasters.

Overall, HR software can reduce the bottom line and improve productivity and profitability. You will create a more streamlined HR department that can focus its energies on solving real problems. In the process, you’ll engage your employees and provide them with the tools to stay motivated. Your business operations will become more strategic and aligned with your particular business culture and company goals.

How much does HRMS in UAE cost?

The most important question for many companies is the cost of adopting new technology. Most small and medium businesses make the mistake of looking at the initial cost of the service. The problem with this approach is that you’re forgetting to take into account the long-term costs but also the savings you might attract.

The reality is that there are HRMS solutions for all budgets. The market is full of great products with varying price tags. You can even find free HR solutions, although these may not always offer the same levels of benefits as paid version. The point is that there are options for all.

But aside from just focusing on the initial cost, you should also consider the long-term costs associated with HR software. Some products come with a subscription-based fee, or you may have to pay for future upgrades. It is vital to understand these related costs to calculate the actual price of the software.

In addition, you also need to consider the cost of implementation. You have to be aware of the following:

  • Possible hardware-related costs, in case you need to update your systems for the software.
  • Any training costs that you might incur ensuring your HR staff is ready to use the new systems.
  • Security or servicing costs for fixing possible issues that may arise.

It’s worth noting that some of these costs may be part of the cost of buying an HRMS or subscribing to a service. For example, many companies will help train the staff to use the product or provide free customer service in the event of any issues.

Finally, you should be aware that HR software isn’t just about the cost of implementing the system. You should consider the savings and even boosts in profit that HRMS might bring about.

If you consider the benefits of HRMS, you can see that the software can reduce time spent on certain tasks, increase productivity and reduce costly errors. All of this can help reduce the actual cost of the system. It is important to calculate the ROI for your HRSM.

FAQs to answer when looking for HR management software

Aside from the cost, there are a few other things you need to keep in mind when selecting your HRMS in UAE. Your business should search for the right products with the following questions in mind:

What does the HRMS include?

Examine all the features that are available in the HRMS. As mentioned earlier, these systems can have many different functionalities. Some systems have more functionalities, while others might focus more on specific areas of HR, such as payroll and employee benefits. Make sure you carefully research the software to understand what is actually included in the product.

What HR software features does my business need?

You shouldn’t go and buy an HR system blindly. The reality is that different businesses can have wildly different HR needs. In practice, this means that there is no single solution that would fit all businesses the same way.

Therefore, you need to understand what you want from the HR software before you go shopping. Consider your current HR pain points and problems. This will help you identify the kind of software that would provide the most benefits for your business. There’s no reason to pay for services that you don’t even need, so be mindful of your requirements!

How much does it cost?

As mentioned above, you need to be mindful when calculating the cost of HRMS. Understand the real cost of implementing the new system and compare it with the savings and boost in productivity. Essentially, make sure you calculate the ROI for each of the HRMS systems you’re considering before you commit to a service.

Remember that quite a few HR management software in Dubai is available as a demo. You can trial the service before you buy it, ensuring you see how well it would work for your needs.

Is the system cloud-based or on-premise?

You should also keep in mind whether the system is cloud-based or on-premise software. For most businesses, cloud-based services are superior to on-site solutions. This is because cloud systems often have a cheaper cost of service, better security, and easier upgrading optionality. Of course, it all depends on your business needs, so always consider those when choosing between different services.

What kind of customer service is available?

Pay attention to customer service, as it can be a great indicator of the product. You want to have help during the lifecycle of each product. If the company only offers initial support to customers but nothing after you’ve applied the software, you may find yourself in trouble. The best products are those that will be there to guide and help you along the way.

Final thoughts

Finding the right Human Resource Management Software will require some time and effort. But the effort will be worth it, as you can enjoy big benefits with the right software. At Bayzat, we have developed tools to help SMEs achieve their HR goals.

Our HR tools help manage your payroll, employee benefits and health insurance. You can use the software to create automated payment schedules, allow employees to use the self-service portal to request time off, and have managers use the performance reporting tools. The software will make it easier to stay on top of your HR needs with simple solutions.

If you want to boost your business performance, then having the right HR tools is the best way to get started. You can respond to the changing HR environment with these tools, using them to empower your workforce.

Brian Habibi