How you can help your employees feel better about reimbursement claims

If you have previously faced an issue while submitting a reimbursement claim, you may already know how dreadful the process is. Sometimes, when healthcare providers and benefits are only covered on a reimbursement basis, you have no choice but to pay out of your own pocket to get treated and wait to get your money back from your insurance company. With the high costs of healthcare within the UAE, you can easily feel financially stressed whenever you have to make a medical reimbursement claim.

The challenge of dealing with medical claims

A health insurance reimbursement claim refers to the money you spend on a healthcare service or benefit that is covered in your policy, which your insurer must pay you back for. Although it may seem like a simple process, the wait to receive your money back can take a long time. On average, it takes 51 days for insurance companies within the UAE to reimburse their policyholders, and in some cases, even longer as they face delays due to the wrong submission of documents.

So why is it that insurance companies face so many issues and delays to process reimbursements? Rate of rejections from insurers rose up to 14% at the beginning of 2019 in the UAE. Majority of the time, this is because employees are unaware of who they need to contact and what information and documents are needed when they are submitting their claims, leading to insurers to reject more and more claims.

As a result of this, employees start feeling frustrated by having to start the process again and being unaware of the status of claims unless they get in touch with their insurer. From an operations standpoint, hundreds of working hours are being wasted as insurers are going back and forth with employees to ensure all their details and documents are submitted correctly.

At Bayzat, we focus on providing a world-class employee experience for every SME in the UAE. We want to ease the balance of your employee’s work and lifestyle while focusing on their financial and health wellbeing.  This is why starting next year, 2020, we will be launching a new, simpler way of reimbursement claim submissions on Bayzat Benefits, allowing you to get your money spent on medical treatment back with no hassle.

Streamlining the whole process, you will easily be able to submit and track your medical claim from Bayzat Benefits, and get reimbursed much faster, without having to go back and forth with your insurer. Get started by following these simple steps:

  1. Select the ‘submit claim’ section on Bayzat Benefits and create a new claim
  2. Provide the necessary patient and treatment details
  3. Upload all the documents needed
  4. Provide your bank account details, review your claim, and submit
  5. Keep track of your claim status from your claim’s list

To find out more about our claim submission feature for you and your team, contact us today.