Maternity insurance cover: all you need to know

Expecting a baby is an exciting time, but it’s also a time that can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right insurance cover and making sure you have the best of pre-natal and post-natal care available. 

We sat down with Husna Fathima, one of our resident Insurance Experts at Bayzat, to bring you everything you need to know when it comes to maternity cover. Read on to learn more.

If I am planning a baby, what kind of policy should I ensure to have in place and what are the timelines? 
Prior to conceiving, it is essential to know exactly which hospital or ob-gyn you would like to visit for all your maternity-related treatments. This is important so that you can discern how much you will require in terms of cover for inpatient maternity care. Knowing which facility you intend to deliver at equips you with the knowledge of how much the insurance company will have to pay out to cover the delivery. This means that you can search and select a plan that has a comprehensive enough cover to accommodate these expenses.

As a guide, it is best to look at policies that cover delivery expenses up to a minimum of AED 15,000, as the prices charged by hospitals are generally much higher when using insurance.

In term of timelines, it is best to purchase a policy that includes comprehensive maternity cover when you get married (regardless of whether having a baby is something you foresee much later), as premiums tend to be higher when an applicant is already pregnant.

What are the main things to be aware of when it comes to choosing an insurance policy that has adequate maternity benefits? 
Some important things to consider when choosing a policy include but are not limited to:
-Is there a waiting period to avail of this benefit?
-Does my policy have a coinsurance on inpatient delivery as well, or is it only restricted to outpatient visits to the doctor?
-Is my delivery limit over AED 15,000 (ideal)?
-How many visits to the obstetrician would be covered?

-How many ultrasound scans am I entitled to in a policy year?
-What is the cover in case of emergencies or complications during the pregnancy?

Do I pay out-of-pocket for maternity care? What kind of hospitals and clinics are available to me? 

With insurance policies in the UAE, all outpatient and inpatient treatments are on direct-billing. This would mean that the individual would only have to pay whatever coinsurance is applicable to their policy. For example, if the coinsurance is 20% of the treatment cost, the policyholder will have to pay 20% of the total cost. In most cases, there isn’t a coinsurance applicable to any inpatient treatments. However, you should always confirm this depending on the policy you purchase.

Depending on the policy you select, there will be a specific group of hospitals and clinics in your network that you can avail of for maternity care.

Once the baby is born, are they covered on my policy? 
Once your baby is born, they are usually covered under the mother’s medical insurance policy for the first 30 days. This includes any follow-up visits or tests that the baby would need, and should be listed in the table of benefits from the insurer.

Additionally, in the event that the baby requires treatment where they would have to stay in the NICU, this would also be covered under the mother’s policy for the first 30 days. It is important to note that this 30-day cover is only applicable to babies born within the UAE. 

To continuously have the baby covered, they would have to be added to the parents’ policy soon after the 30-days. It is advised to start the addition process as soon as the baby’s birth certificate and discharge summary are obtained as those are the only documents required for newborns to be added to a plan.

There is so much choice and I am finding it overwhelming. How can I find out the best policy for me and my growing family? 

To find a policy that is best suited to you and your growing family, you can compare policies in real-time here and find multiple options to suit you. Our consultants at Bayzat are well-versed with the nuances of medical insurance and are more than capable of helping you to find the best plan suited to your needs.

If you have any questions around issues that haven’t been covered in this interview, or to learn more about the insurance policies provided by Bayzat, contact us today.