Meet the Bayzlanders: Zacharia Taha

Our multitasking Head of Operations is a company powerhouse!

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Zak is a Dubai kid that did what lots of teens growing up in the region do: finished high-school, went to University abroad and migrated back here as soon as they were able. After completing his BS in Physiological Sciences at UCLA, Zak worked as a Senior Consultant at KPMG for 6 years, where he specialized in delivering and implementing large scale Business Process Management and Improvement (BPM and BPI) engagements in the UAE, as well as carrying out Procurement Transformation and Procurement Improvement.

Then he found Bayzat.

Well versed at building a plane and flying it at the same time, Zak leads our Operations Team who process policy placement, additions and deletions, claims, and helps clients solve a myriad of issues in relationship to them. What’s more, Zak manages our technology systems – like Salesforce – and ensures it is readily uploaded, maintained, and accessible to those who need it. In short, Zak takes care of our bread and butter—without him we’d all starve.

When he’s not trying to find a quiet spot to work in the office, or dealing with a barrage of concerns and complains from colleagues and clients alike, Zak enjoys binge watching TV series and hanging out in nature.