Meet The Bayzlanders – Mridul Bajoria

The sweetest Product Specialist you could ever hope for!

Last Updated on August 5, 2022 by user

Ah Mridul – where to begin?

Our delightful Product Specialist began as an auditor, dropped out in pursuit of entrepreneurship (with his start-up, Khichek), encountered some barriers to entry, and ended up holidaying in Dubai to contemplate his next step – finding a start-up to join. Apparently, he found Bayzat, or rather, Bayzat found him.

Though Mridul started his bid to cure insurance with sales, his flair for organization and product management pushed him into a role with the product team. For those on the outside, Mridul’s job looks chaotic; a dynamic role that varies on the project he’s working on (anything and everything for the HR platform, Insurertech, search and compare, etc). He’s involved with designing, the development of new products and features, and acts as the tech team’s exterminator: ending the short-lived lives of any bugs and glitches in the beautiful Bayzat matrix. But there’s one thing that Mridul manages to do that no one else can, which makes him the most prized, beloved, and well-thanked member of the team: magically fixing everyone’s “printer not working” issues.

In his free time (surprised he has any with the amount of stuff he does), Mridul enjoys annoying Zak, and being annoyed by Tareqo; listening to tech updates and random tech channels like: Tech Crunch, Big Think, and Green Brothers. Once a month, he’s unreachable while binge watching a new T.V series.