Working part-time in the UAE – All you need to know (Guide)

Working Part-time in UAE

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Working part-time in the UAE – All you need to know (Guide)

Working culture has changed a lot in the UAE and around the world. While employees in the region typically work eight hours a day, five days a week, new labor laws have led working part-time in the UAE more popular. But what do the rules actually say about part-time work in the UAE? 

Are you allowed to work part-time in the UAE?

Since 2010, the UAE Labor Law has allowed residents and expats to work part-time in the UAE along with a full-time job. Employees can work part-time with the right permit and even engage in temporary job opportunities outside of their regular work. 

Employees that work under this contract will be able to switch between companies without the consent of the primary or secondary employer. The purpose of this new system is to improve flexibility in the labor market. According to OECD data, part-time work has grown quickly after the changes in labour law. In 2019, around 3% of all employment in the country was part-time work.

While the process of finding and gaining part-time work has eased, there are still some limitations to know about. One important thing to note is that a part-time contract cannot be changed into a full-time one unless it is terminated.

Part-time jobs under the new UAE Labour Law: Do I need approval?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) implemented a new rule in 2018. The rule allows companies to recruit skilled workers under a part-time contract system. The permit is applicable to workers within the UAE or those recruited from abroad. 

While the contract type doesn’t require the employee to get permission from the employer to take on another part-time job, they still need to apply for a permit from the MoHRE. Therefore, you can come work in the country part-time with employer A and then seek another part-time job with employer B. Employer A’s approval won’t be necessary, but you do need to have a permit from MoHRE. 

Who is eligible for a temporary work permit in the UAE?

Part-time work in the UAE is available to any UAE resident, whether they are currently employed or not. You are also eligible for the temporary work permit if you are GCC national or expatriate employee living in the UAE on a work visa. 

Furthermore, existing part-time work permit holders can work in another company at the same time. They must be working in the original company on a part-time basis for less than eight hours a day, and the same conditions must be met in the new employment for the visa to stay valid. 

Please note that the part-time contract system is limited to only skilled workers. This means you typically need a university degree or higher. You can also be eligible if you have completed a two or three years diploma in a technical or scientific field. 

People who live in the UAE on a family visa can take up a second job. You will need to receive a part-time work permit with a NOC from the sponsor. These work permits are available to men and women aged 18 and 65 years. 

Please note that persons with a visitor or tourist visas are not allowed to apply for a part-time permit. 

Documents required for a temporary work permit

The documents needed for the application for the part-time work permit are as follows:

  • A copy of both companies’ trade licenses (the current/primary company and the applying/secondary company)
  • A color photograph with a white background of the employee
  • A copy of the employee’s passport
  • If academic qualification is required (post-secondary diploma, university degree or equivalent), a copy thereof which should be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be attached
  • A letter of approval issued by the competent authority shall be attached if so required (doctor, pharmacist, nurse and teacher)
  • A copy of the contract
  • No objection certificate from the old sponsor/primary sponsor
  • A copy of the worker’s visa that includes the sponsor or establishment name that must be valid for more than 6 months

How can I get a part-time work permit in Dubai, UAE?

The process of getting a part-time or temporary work visa is straightforward. You need to obtain the permit from MoHRE, and the process is typically the responsibility of the employer. 

You can apply for the visa through the MoHRE website or in person at the offices. 

Please note that the permit is generally valid for six months. The permit for the part-time visa is AED 600 in total, and it includes the application fee (AED 100) and the approval fee (AED 500). The prospective employer will be in charge of paying the fees. 

What part-time jobs are available in the UAE?

UAE has a number of different job positions available for those looking for part-time work in the UAE. Some of the most common positions include roles such as: 

  • Sales officers
  • Drivers
  • Accountants
  • Designers
  • Nannies
  • HR Recruiters
  • Corporate Assistants and Many more

You can easily look for roles through UAE job sites. The availability of jobs can change fast, so it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open if you are looking for more work opportunities. 

Summing up

Working part-time in the UAE has many benefits for employers and employees alike. Workers can use temporary job opportunities to make more money and earn while studying. For companies, part-time work can be a flexible tool to fill temporary roles or finish projects on time. 

UAE has eased rules and regulations around temporary work. The process of hiring a part-time worker is much easier now. Different tools can also help keep your part-time workers’ details organized. As an employer, you will be in charge of annual leaves, end-of-service benefits and other financial obligations in proportion to the number of actual working hours and wages specified in the contract.