Probation period in the UAE

If you’re on the lookout for a job in the UAE or just started working at a new organization, you must have come across the term ‘Probation Period’.

The concept of probation is just like any other relationship. The first few months go by assessing whether you’re qualified enough to take it to the next step. The Probation period is when your employer will evaluate your performance and decide if you are good enough to be hired as a permanent employee.

The ministry of labor of the UAE has declared a few established rules when it comes to the employment of an individual during the probation period.

Rule #1: The maximum period of probation under any organization is Six months in the UAE

According to the ministry of labor, an employee can be kept under a probation period for a maximum of six months. Some companies also choose to have a shorter probation period of about two or three months. It is prohibited by law to extend the probation period of an employee beyond six months.

Rule #2: A Company is entitled to terminate your employment without notice during the probation period

If you are deemed as unqualified for the job position you are currently enrolled during the probation period, an employee has every right to terminate your services without providing any severance pay and compensation benefits.

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Rule #3: As an employee, you have the right to resign at any time during your probation period

The employee has the right to resign at any point during the probation period. It is important to make it a point for the employee to carefully read the contract as some companies might keep a clause that you have to serve a notice period even during the probation period. The duration of this notice depends upon what is mentioned in the contract.

Rule #4: An employee is not entitled to any paid sick leaves during the probation period

This is an important rule for all of you out there. An employee is not entitled to any paid sick leaves during the probation period according to the ministry of labor. So, if the employee is genuinely unwell, the best suggestion is to speak to your employer about it.

Rule #5 You are entitled to gratuity only after completing 1 year of service at your company

This is self-explanatory, but according to the ministry of labor, you are entitled to gratuity only after completing a year of service at the company you are currently employed with. You are not paid gratuity if you leave during the probation period. If a company hires you as a permanent employee after the probation period and you complete an entire year of service, you are entitled to the end of service remuneration in which the probation period is included as well.