Top 3 Ways to Improve Employee Efficiency in UAE SMEs

Don’t get caught in an efficiency sinkhole by employing these tips.

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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, UAE employers are expecting more and more from their employees and it has become quite the norm for employees to exceed normal work hours on a regular basis. It is important, however, to draw a distinction between longer hours spent at the office and increased efficiency. If efficiency and improved workflow isn’t emphasized within a business, then results will be shy of optimal – regardless of how long or hard employees are working throughout the week. If the competition can do more with less, then your business will eventually be in trouble.

Delegation: Matching Tasks to Skillsets

UAE business owners and managers at SMEs often mistakenly expect to have a direct role in all business procedures of the company. This encourages a lack of autonomy from the employee side which in turn creates a lack of confidence – demoralizing and decreasing employee productivity. This also creates bottlenecks and inefficient use of time when employees seek management’s approval for day-to-day tasks. Knowing your employees’ unique skills and behavioral styles is paramount for maximizing efficiency. For instance, consider a creative and extroverted employee – probably a great person to pitch ideas to clients. However, they might struggle if they are given a more structured and mechanical task. Asking employees to be excellent at everything isn’t efficient. Managers should be asking the right questions. Is this the right person for this job?

Incentivizing Employees in the Right Ways

The debate on how to best motivate employees has been – and will continue to be a central discussion point for business leaders and HR specialists the world over. Although many believe that employees can be motivated purely through financial gain, research has shown that additional requirements must also be met.

Promoting a positive work environment is key to avoiding hostile and toxic attitudes in the workplace – which will cause top talent to underperform and seek opportunities elsewhere.

An employee who feels empowered and valued in their workplace is more likely to enjoy their work – increasing their productivity by up to 37%. An employee that is passive and is simply there for the pay check will not be performing at an optimal level. Benefits are another key factor for boosting employee productivity. Customized and robust UAE health insurance plans and other benefits can attract and engage top-talent in your company. Finally, psychological elements such as improving office atmosphere through increased natural light, colourful décor, has shown to translate into a 12% increase in productivity.

Keeping the Big Picture in Mind 

Psychological methods of increasing employee efficiency Things that might seem like an unnecessary use of time to you now, may actually be to your advantage in the long run. Investing time in implementing an HR software now can save your company – and your employees – countless hours down the road. Bayzat Benefits, our online HR resource, can help your company cut out unnecessary work and streamline your administrative processes. From features that combine scanning and OCR technology to cut your manual data entry efforts by 50% to automatic document renewal alerts for all employees, you’ll make up for the time you spent implementing the software within the first few weeks of using it.

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