Integra Global (Dubai Insurance) - Access Health Silver Premium - Worldwide ex USA - OP 80 - with dental

Integra Global (Dubai Insurance)
Yearly Cover
AED 5,500,000.00
20% co-pay on all out-patient services
Worldwide ex-USA
Chronic Conditions
Covered; 20% co-pay on out-patient treatment
Pre-Existing Conditions
Not Covered


Ambulance Coverage
Hospital Accomodation
Private Room with pre-authorization
Hospital Cash Benefit
AED 200 per day if accommodation taken in Semi-Private Room
Parent Accomodation
Covered with pre-authorization


Covered 100% for children up to 6 years as per DHA; up to AED 1,800 (with wellness benefit) for adults, with 10% co-pay
Covered; 20% co-pay for out-patient treatment
Covered; MRI, CT & PET scans covered only for in-patient treatment
Health Checks
Diabetes screening as per DHA; annual pap smear; wellness up to AED 1,800 (with vaccinations, mammograms & prostate cancer screening) for adults with 10% co-pay; up to AED 1,100 for routine check for children up to 12 months (maximum 6 check-ups) & up to AED 735 for children 13 months and over (one check up per year)
Psychiatric Treatment
Up to AED 92,000 for in-patient & out-patient treatment (up to AED 9,200 with a maximum of 6 visits for out-patinet treatment); 20% co-pay for out-patient treatment
Alternative Medicine
Up to AED 2,750 for chiropractic services & up to AED 1,800 for TCM, bonesetting, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy and osteopathy with 30% co-pay
Prescription Drugs
Not Covered
Network Coverage
146 Hospitals
1024 Clinics
66 Laboratories
1799 Pharmacies
15 Dentals
0 Optics
Treatment Outside Area of Cover
Not Covered
Treatment Outside Network
100% of covered cost subject to network rates on reimbursement basis
Pregnancy Cover
Covered 100% for out-patient maternity treatment (8 visits to PHC, 3 ultra scans); up to AED 7,000 per normal delivery & AED 10,000 per complicated pregnancy, with 10% co-pay
Newborn Baby Cover
Covered up to AED 150,000 (including premature births, congenital conditions and birth anomalies)
Natal Complications
Up to AED 10,000 per complicated pregnancy with 10% co-pay
Dental Coverage
Covered for routine dental treatment (maximum of two oral check up); diagnostic and preventive dental - one full mouth x-ray every 5 years, one bite x-ray, maximum two cleaning and scaling; one topical fluoride treatment (children under 19 only); space maintenance (children under 19 only); covered with 20% co-pay
Accidental Damage to Teeth
Covered 100% for in-patient treatment