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5 Tips on Introducing and Managing Work Benefits for Remote Employees

Remote work has grown significantly in the past year in response to the uncertainties brought by the global pandemic. Statistics revealed a whopping 140% increase in remote workers since 2005. Therefore, knowing how to manage remote employees is vital in keeping your workforce motivated and satisfied.  Introducing and managing...
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Post-Covid-19 and the era of the empowered employee: part one

In McKinsey & Company’s deep dive into the trends that will define 2021 and beyond, they preview the ‘next normal’ that we can expect to look forward to as individuals, businesses and society begin to shape their futures beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. The renowned management consultants even go as...
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Communicating effectively in times of crisis

After weeks of having to work from home, remote team collaboration and communication has become an integral part of a business, especially in these times of crisis. Employees now rely on their companies to have the right communication tools to not only manage, plan, and complete their tasks but...
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