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Bayzat’s latest feature: Employee Surveys allows you to set up, schedule and deploy surveys across departments at the click of a button.

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Level up your employee experience by conducting regular surveys. Bayzat’s latest feature: Employee Surveys allows you to set up, schedule and deploy surveys across departments at the click of a button. Employees can respond to your survey via their mobile phones for that extra convenience. Now that’s world-class!

3 Top Employee Survey Headaches and How to Overcome Them

  1. Asking the right questions

If you don’t prompt your employees with the right questions, you end up with messy surveys, data that you can’t interpret and the result is a workforce who feels unheard. Most companies stick to general questions to try to capture a larger audience. When formulating your questions, start with an objective. Why are you creating the survey and what are you trying to achieve with the responses? Then prepare the leading questions.

Bayzat’s Employee Survey Feature Release comes with 6 preset survey types ranging from quick pulse surveys to employee engagement and includes the set of questions for each. Plus, you can create your own from scratch with our easy-to-use customisable fields. 

  1. Collating the results

It can be a huge admin task following up on your respondents, yet alone collecting the results of any survey. Especially if you run a larger organization. You are not only contending with your employees time to complete the survey, but managing your own workload as an HR manager to prepare and deploy it. The result is often that you have a whole load of data and aren’t sure how to collate the responses or prepare a report that is easy to interpret for your seniors. 

With Bayzat’s Employee Survey you can easily collect feedback from large groups of employees, obtaining actionable insights and driving your employee experience. It has automated reminders and notifications to encourage your workforce to complete their survey from their mobile devices. 

Plus, you can track your survey responses to see who has responded and all your data will be collated for you, making it faster and easier to pull reports.

  1. Taking action

Employees start to suffer from survey fatigue and disengagement when they feel unheard. It’s all fair and well to send a survey, but if you aren’t going to put measures in place to correct the issues addressed, employees will become disengaged and likely to either not respond to any further surveys, or worse, leave the organization.

Once you have sent your report or findings to your decision makers, remember to share your findings and action items with your employees.

Top tips for any survey you create

  • Decide how often you should send a survey out
  • Tell your employees the reason why you are doing the survey
  • Reassure them that their responses are anonymous 
  • Do what you say! Take action based on your survey responses to show your people that you are listening 
  • Map out a plan to implement any small changes
  • Share your survey findings and the steps you are going to take to overcome the challenges you discovered

Tips to boost your employee engagement 

  1. Get your employees involved in the Bayzat Wellness programme

Activated your Wellness Hub on your Bayzat App for your employees. By encouraging your employees to get active and show them you care about their mental health and overall wellbeing, they can become more productive in their work. It boosts morale and builds camaraderie within the workplace.

  1. Make your HR processes less cumbersome

The Bayzat app allows your employees to help themselves. They can be in control of their schedules, leave applications, travels, visa letter requests and more. Plus, the Bayzat App gives your employees unprecedented access to work, finance and medical benefits designed to boost their wellbeing, productivity and loyalty and to make your employee experience world-class. Including discounts from their local retailers, travel deals and more.

  1. Improve communication within your company

Communication tools play a major role in forming cultures, providing transparency, and engaging employees, especially in growing and more dispersed organizations. And with the Bayzat work life platform you can form a unique way of building internal communications by utilizing your newsfeeds and in-app surveys for motivational quotes, company announcements and sharing information. Plus, it drives employee engagement.

  1. Ensure your employees have a clear idea of their career progression

The only way to ensure your employees know how important their role is to your company’s success  is to set out key measurables for them to achieve on a monthly or quarterly basis. This gives your employees the opportunity to strive for greatness and ensures their managers provide consistent feedback to help them grow in their positions. Recognizing and acknowledging good performance makes employees happier, more engaged and promotes longevity. Activate your performance management feature on your Bayzat work life platform!

Say goodbye to generic survey questions, setting up tedious spreadsheets and losing track of who has responded. Say hello to the new way of engaging your employees!

Create your first Employee Survey today!