How Bayzat Benefits helped other Finance companies

The expected functions of a Human Resource department has evolved immensely over the past couple of years. The focus has shifted from paying salaries, paperwork and recruitment to ensuring a great employee experience, curating benefits, building the right company culture and attracting and retaining top talent. What remains at a standstill though, predominantly plaguing SMEs, are the paper based, archaic and error prone processes of managing HR administration, payroll and benefits. Without integrating a robust, automated system to minimize time consuming tasks there is little chance that the HR department will be able to successfully shift focus towards more important and impactful aspects of the job role.  

Research shows that over 70% of SMEs are not currently using an HR software to help alleviate solvable pain points. The following are the predominate reasons for not utilizing a software:

  1. Lack of awareness
  2. Budget constraints
  3. Concerns about platform integration & adoption

The reality is that the majority of available HR solutions come armed with monthly payments that are bug ridden with limited functionality and not localized for the UAE landscape. Compound this with practically zero customer support and the hesitancy to begin using a platform is understandable.

Based on our own research and talking to countless HR manages working within SMEs we built Bayzat Benefits to be a localized platform that successfully addresses the core pain points pertaining to HR administration, payroll and benefits. Bayzat also has a dedicated Customer Success Department to ensure that effective training and company-wide adoption takes place. Our data shows that over 93% of companies successfully integrate Bayzat Benefits throughout their organization in under 30 days from platform configuration.  

100’s of SMEs currently use Bayzat Benefits to automate and streamline their day-to-day HR processes. Broadly divided into four main modules, the platform comes with the required functionality to provide a modern benefits experience to all your employees and alleviate the pressure of time-consuming manual tasks off your HR team.

Companies working within the Finance industry have greatly benefited from using our platform. Place Strata Management is the perfect example of a client in desperate need of a localized HR platform. When we approached their Head of Finance, Sunny, he told us about his struggle with managing the leave balances of employees and calculating gratuity. The existing process was entirely manual and error prone that used  Excel sheets to track salaries and a lengthy process for leave management that lacked visibility into remaining employee leave balances. After initial conversations with Bayzat’s Sales Department, it was evident that Bayzat Benefits was the perfect fit.

Our Time Off module came equipped with a nifty dashboard that displays the remaining leave balance for each employee. As for his struggles with the existing long, complex process of gratuity calculation, the Bayzat Benefits payroll module comes with a built-in gratuity calculator. The employees can also request for reimbursements through the application on their mobile eliminating the pain of submitting and tracking paper-based reimbursement requests.

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Abbrevia is another example of an overworked HR department  trying to manage various HR functions without the support of a system to help automate tedious processes. With only seventeen employees, their finance manager, Angel, was initially unsure about using an HR automation platform. While they had an accounting software in place for paying salaries, leave management and employee documents were managed manually. As for their health insurance benefits, the employees had no easy way to view their network, inclusions and other benefits. After an initial meeting with Bayzat’s Sales Team, Angel was sold on the idea of Bayzat Benefits. Abbrevia now saves roughly 70% of the time that was earlier spent on manual tasks.
To conclude, each company has their unique set of challenges and how they tackle them. With Bayzat Benefits, the challenge of carrying out manual HR tasks is eliminated. With each new customer onboarded to Bayzat Benefits, our aim of providing a world-class employee experience to every SME in the UAE gets closer! Click here to read more about how Bayzat Benefits has helped other companies save time and money with Bayat Benefits