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UAE compliance: what businesses need to know

There’s one thing that businesses around the world have in common: they all have to comply with various commercial laws and regulations. This is no different for companies operating in the UAE region.  Business laws are implemented to protect employee and consumer rights, ensure safety and govern commercial markets....
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How Bayzat Benefits has helped technology companies retain employees

One of the most common problems facing technology companies today is employee retention. The tech industry has the highest employee turnover rate at 13.2% compared to other business sectors. Considering that it takes on average  51 days to fill vacancies in IT roles a primary focus for the HR...
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How Bayzat Benefits helped other Finance companies

The expected functions of a Human Resource department has evolved immensely over the past couple of years. The focus has shifted from paying salaries, paperwork and recruitment to ensuring a great employee experience, curating benefits, building the right company culture and attracting and retaining top talent. What remains at...
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