Ramadan: A time to reflect and appreciate your magnificent employees

Appreciate your employee in Ramadan

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Over the past year, we’ve all had to make sacrifices to protect our communities and companies, and adapt in order to continue operating remotely. As we reflect on a testing year, this Ramadan comes as an opportune time for companies to show their appreciation for their workers’ efforts.

Our employees have shown incredible resilience and spirit to maintain their productivity, despite the many hardships the past 12 months has thrown up. The changes to basic life as well as the rapid shift to almost an entirely digital and remote world of work has been strange, yet enlightening. With this said, we wanted to share some of our top tips to show your gratitude towards your excellent employees by offering them a world-class employee experience at a time when it will be particularly appreciated.

  1. Make their lives easier

The modern workplace is continually evolving, with more digital tools for collaboration and communication taking central roles in the way we do business. Over the past year, we’ve had to fully embrace these new methods of work – whether we were ready to or not – to maintain business operations while social distancing. 

In addition to this, Millennials and Gen Zs continue to make up a larger proportion of our workforce, so we’re becoming more accustomed to increasingly sophisticated digital tools. Research has shown that nearly 6 in 10 Millennials now expect mobile-optimized technology to be offered by their employers, and overwhelmingly agree that using the latest technology is a critical aspect of the modern workplace.

Access to intelligent, data-driven technologies are helping lift the burden of repetitive and administrative tasks, which will make a huge difference for employees that are fasting. This type of work is often uninspiring for individuals and could lead to disengagement among employees that will already be low on energy. Giving your employees the best tools for their job empowers them to operate smarter, better and faster. Make their lives easier and they’ll help your business be more successful. 

For example, HR teams have many key administrative activities to keep a business running smoothly. However, by using technology to automate and simplify these tasks, they will have more time to invest in what truly makes companies tick. the people. 

Investing back into people has to be a top priority for organisations, as 2020 has caused a much greater focus on the individual employee and key technologies that they use to enhance their daily work. With Ramadan in full swing, providing tools and platforms that support employees at work will deliver a significant boost.

  1. Go beyond the paycheck

Ramadan will see many fast and abstain from different pleasures. Under normal circumstances, it’s a time to gather and celebrate with family and friends. However, this year those partaking in the holy month of Ramadan will likely be unable to celebrate as normal due to the ongoing global pandemic. 

As employers, we have a responsibility to ensure our employees feel valued because they are our greatest asset. With the disruption the previous twelve months has caused to our daily lives and the work ethic employees have shown to keep moving forward, it’s time to give back to our work family by providing benefits that go beyond just a salary.

A work-life balance can be a tricky scenario for employees to manage. But companies that offer their people greater support and rewards will ensure their employees feel valued. As a result, they’ll be happier at work and more likely to stay loyal.

Although this has traditionally been tough for many small businesses to offer, cost-effective cloud-based solutions mean it is now possible for organizations of every size.

Offering employees a world class experience will truly help companies stay afloat and be successful this Ramadan and beyond. Whether the goal is to recruit and retain highly skilled workers, or help take the pressure off employees during this month, it’s something all UAE-based organizations should be considering.

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