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Fine tune your workforce to run like a Rolls Royce

When it comes to getting employees to perform to a high level on a consistent basis, there‚Äôs no silver bullet. Inspirational talks may work on some, while others may need regular motivation or a light bit of bribery with a selection of donuts and muffins.  The truth is many...
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What is HRMS (Human Resource Management System)?

Human resources (HR) is among the most important functions of an organisation. You could be running a small business or be a large corporation but if your HR is not operating properly, you can end up with major problems. The tricky thing is that running smooth HR operations requires...
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5 Tips on Introducing and Managing Work Benefits for Remote Employees

Remote work has grown significantly in the past year in response to the uncertainties brought by the global pandemic. Statistics revealed a whopping 140% increase in remote workers since 2005. Therefore, knowing how to manage remote employees is vital in keeping your workforce motivated and satisfied.  Introducing and managing...
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