The secret to reducing your employee churn 

To avoid high staff turnovers, HR managers should measure the pulse of your company culture with effective, well-structured employee engagement surveys and actively listen to the feedback. 

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Are you losing employees and you just can’t pinpoint the reason why? Any HR manager knows the various facets involved in recruiting, onboarding and retaining an employee. A high churn rate comes at a cost of recruiting, hiring and training which can cripple a company financially, lower employee morale and dramatically reduce productivity levels.

One of the main reasons employees leave their jobs is they feel under-utilised in their roles, disengaged from the organization and don’t feel part of their team. These are common signs of low engagement in the workplace. Statistics show that only “37% of employees are deeply immersed and enthusiastic about their work. (Hrcloud, 2021)”. 

To avoid high staff turnovers, HR managers should measure the pulse of your company culture with effective, well-structured employee engagement surveys and actively listen to the feedback. 

Using regular employee engagement surveys will reduce your employee churn

By sending out employee engagement surveys, you are able to pinpoint the common points of disengagement across your organization. With the right questions, it can give you the opportunity to change the way your work works, for the better. Some indicators of disengagement are easy to spot, like reduced productivity, showing up late for work every day, not taking pride in their tasks and missing shifts. But the earlier signs of dissatisfaction, which are much harder to identify could lead to more costly impacts, especially to an SME.One unhappy employee can easily influence a team, manager and ultimately your business. 

Here are a few more benefits to conducting employee engagement surveys

  1. Boosts your employee experience

A recent Salesforce study showed “a highly engaged workforce has been shown to increase profitability by 21%, sales by 20% and customer ratings by 10%.” And, with 56% of professionals in the UAE planning to change jobs in 2022, employees are placing more value on their experience within an organization than ever before. Include prompting questions in your employee engagement survey around their working environment, growth paths within the business and roles within their team.

  1. Reinforces company culture

Every organization, no matter the size, forms a company culture whether organically or strategically. To get your employees to buy into your culture and truly live and breathe your values, conduct regular surveys to ensure they fully understand your core values and interpret them to your customer. By consistently asking your employees for feedback and actioning the issues, you build a culture of trust.

  1. Improves your staff retention rates

When employees are at risk of turnover, their level of engagement with the business will always decline. As we touched on earlier, unhappy employees lead to a loss of engagement, drastically reducing their productivity and impacting your bottom line. To retain your employees, you should be checking in on metrics such as your onboarding processes, competitive salaries and looking into your performance management and reward structures through your employee engagement surveys.

  1. Results in a healthier work environment

Studies show engaged employees are more likely to exercise, eat healthier, and less likely to be obese or suffer from chronic disease. To determine the health condition of your employees, include questions to determine whether your flexible work schedules are working; gauge the level of interest in employee wellness programs and whether your health insurance matches the needs of most individuals within your company.  

Now, we know your time is precious and you have a plethora of HR processes to follow. Including the administrative side which you may still be doing manually through excel spreadsheets. 

Automate your employee engagement survey

Bayzat’s Employee Survey tool makes it easy to get direct feedback from employees so you can focus on the part of your job that you love most, your people! With Bayzat’s newly released survey capability you can easily collect employee information and better understand their needs. Segment your management levels, develop and deploy strategic employee engagement surveys at the click of a button. Employees can respond to your survey via their mobile phones for that extra convenience. Now that’s world-class!

As the saying goes, “Happy employees, ensure happy customers” which ultimately means if you focus on keeping your employees actively engaged in their roles, business productivity will soar and customers will keep coming back for more.

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