Why We Decided to Launch Our Newest Feature: Get Care

With our newest feature, Get Care, we’ve made medical benefits simpler and more intuitive than ever.

Over the last year, the Bayzat team has been hard at work making health insurance benefits in the UAE more accessible and easier to understand. With Bayzat Benefits™, we take your medical insurance plan and use technology & design to make it simple and intuitive. This means that when one of our customers wants to use their policy, it is as simple as being able to quickly type in anything they want to find out about their policy. Our powerful search technology then goes through all the policy benefits, terms & conditions and medical network so our customers can quickly find out what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Whether it is for an individual, a family or employees under a group health insurance plan, Bayzat Benefits™ has been helping our policyholders understand their medical benefits, and in turn, save money. With over 2,000 customers, we have had a great opportunity to continuously learn how we can improve the health insurance experience. We recently launched our newest feature, Get Care, to make it more intuitive for customers to interact with their health insurance policy.

The Problem

When we say that Bayzat Benefits™ lets you search absolutely anything you want to know about your policy, we know that we had better back it up. A common trend we saw is that Bayzat policyholders want to be able to search for specific symptoms, conditions or treatments to see if they are covered under their plan. The problem is that medical insurance policies are written more like legal documents rather than a consumer-friendly product. Say, for example, you had ‘back pain’ and tried to look through your health insurance plan to see if it is covered, odds are you will not find any mention of ‘back pain’ in the documents provided to you by the insurance company. Why? Because that is not how medical insurance products are built. When you ask if ‘back pain’ is covered, what you are actually asking is are things like doctor consultations, x-rays, physiotherapy and prescriptions covered.

With our newest feature, navigating medical insurance policies has never been easier. It is as simple as searching for a treatment or a symptom, and we tell you:

  • What type of specialist or doctor you should visit.
  • If it is covered under the health insurance policy.
  • Where you can find the relevant doctor in your direct billing network.

How Get Care Works

Bayzat Benefits™ makes using your medical benefits more intuitive than ever.  The first step is to simply start searching the symptom, the procedure or the condition.

Get Care from Bayzat Benefits

Once you have found what you are looking for, we show you what type of doctor or medical practitioner might be relevant for your condition. All you then have to do is simply select which specialist(s) you want to see.

Find medical specialists in the UAE

After choosing a specialist(s), we search your medical insurance policy to show you any relevant benefits that may apply to your condition or your symptom. Instead of having to go through all your policy documents, you can quickly determine if you are covered for it before going to the doctor.

Health insurance benefits in the UAE from Bayzat

Lastly, we identify which hospitals & clinics that are covered in your policy have the specialty you are looking for. Now all you have to do is choose where you want to go! We have mapped out every hospital and clinic in the UAE so you can quickly find what specialties are available at each medical facility. Depending on your policy, you can even find hospitals & clinics covered by your health insurance plan while you are travelling outside of the UAE!

Hospitals and clinics in the UAE

If you are not one of our customers, and would like to use Bayzat Benefits™, your first stop is to compare health insurance options in the UAE. If you are an employer and want to provide Bayzat Benefits™ to your employees, you can check out our enterprise solution by clicking here. Better yet, you can purchase a group health insurance policy and not only take advantage of our technology for free, but also experience our awesome customer service. 

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