A coaching culture is vital for businesses in the UAE looking to increase retention. The region is notorious for having low retention rates, but a comprehensive coaching culture could change things around. If you are looking to boost your business’s fortunes and drive up employee engagement, start by implementing a proper coaching framework. Here are tips on how to do it! 

What Is Coaching Culture?

A coaching culture is about a coaching mindset and practices and instilling them across the organization. It improves how employees interact with each other as well as the customers. The culture enables transformation by creating and nurturing coaching skills across the different levels of the business.

When you have a strong coaching culture in the organization, you have a climate where:

  • Feedback is part of daily activities.
  • Thinking and ideas are supported and encouraged.
  • Ideas are tested and challenged to foster innovation.
  • People are engaged with the organization and its goals.

As you build a coaching culture, you create a climate of supportive excellence. People feel inclined to think outside of the box while being supported and challenged. The results can be immense. In one study by the Center for Creative Leadership, 500 managers reported that coaching conversations were worth roughly around 12,000,000 AED! In essence, you are supporting innovation and nourishing talent. People can share their knowledge with others in a relaxed way, learning from one another as they continue working for your business. This will lead to higher productivity, employee engagement and improve the bottom line! 

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Writing for Arabian Business, Leila Rezaiguia, co-founder at AoEC UAE, argued that the region needs to roll coaching culture across the organization. While individual coaching is standard in places like UAE, organizations still need to take it on board. 

But coaching culture could have a significant impact on UAE businesses. The diverse workforce can benefit from more open and honest communication. Learning from your crew and teaching them the best practices can enhance and build employee engagement, boosting productivity as a result. 

How to Create a Coaching Culture in Your Organization?

Creating a coaching culture can be achieved with these three initial steps: 

  1. Show the value of coaching culture. Organizations often make the mistake of talking about the benefits of new systems and frameworks. Instead of talking, showcase the benefits of coaching by providing value to key stakeholders. Show what benefits developmental conversations and processes of teaching can have.
  2. Equip critical leaders and HR professionals with a coaching mindset. Start with your leaders and HR professionals and instill in them the philosophy of coaching. Teach conversational tools and help the HR department master coaching strategies. 
  3. Integrate coaching into your leadership strategy. Move on to building a coaching culture within your leadership strategy. Ensure managers and experts partake in coaching programs and use the techniques when they are dealing with other employees. 

These three strategies will start building a culture of coaching within your organization. You will slowly get the techniques trickling down towards every corner of your business. 

The Best 10 Ways Enhance Coaching Culture

You’re on your way to building a coaching culture with the above principles. When it comes to improving your framework, you may want to consider these ten strategies: 

  1. Establish a clear coaching philosophy

Define your organization’s unique coaching philosophy. Set it in stone and make it easy for everyone to see. You want to establish the principles and goals early, as it makes it easier for every member of your team to be on the same page. 

  1. Train coaches

As mentioned, coaching needs to be part of your leadership strategy. But you also want to have internal coaches that have gone through rigorous training and who can nurture the mindset across the organization. These should be from different departments and walks of life to make meaningful changes. 

  1. Developed coaching standards

You want to establish clear standards for your coaching culture. Set up examples that support positive leadership and coaching standards. Hold people accountable and have clear rules for the kind of behavior you want people to showcase. 

  1. Foster a culture of learning

Learning and career development should be at the heart of your business. You want to encourage people to take on new skills and develop existing ones. Offer courses, organize workshops and invite people to train your workforce. Ensure you reward people who are learning instead of focusing on mistakes. When people are expected to and encouraged to learn, you will motivate your employees and nurture the coaching culture. 

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  1. Create a feedback loop

Establish a feedback loop within your organization where giving and receiving feedback is seamless. You want employees to be able to provide feedback on the feedback they also receive. This makes it easier to identify issues within frameworks and create meaningful learning experiences. 

  1. Emphasize the importance of accountability

Accountability is vital in coaching. You want to create a climate where people are supported but also accountable for their actions. It is essential to understand that responsibility isn’t about punishment. It simply means holding people responsible for their actions. At the end of the day, it also means that your business is accountable, too! You want leadership to show humility and respect whether things are going well or not. 

  1. Create a sense of community

A sense of community is essential for coaching and employee engagement. Help employees feel closer to each other by having regular team events and company days of activities. Let people share about their daily lives as well as their tasks within a company. Celebrate the successes of one team or employee with the whole organization to create a sense of community. 

  1. Use technology to support coaching

Technology can play a major role in organizational culture. There are various tools out there, from HR management tools to developmental software. The whole concept of coaching is much easier with technology, as people can improve skills from the comfort of their homes. Make sure you look into different technologies and use them in your business. 

  1. Encourage a growth mindset

Foster a growth mindset across your organization. You want people to care about career and skill development, as well as gaining new soft skills such as communication and leadership. You want to lift people up and make examples of those who share a growth mindset. Allow employees to stay curious by encouraging passion projects on the side. Share inspirational stories and celebrate creativity. 

  1. Recognize and reward coaching excellence

Reward and recognition are essential for meaningful change. You want to support the coaching staff and reward them for good behavior. When coaching achieves specific goals, and you notice the benefits of it in action, you need to support and recognize the stakeholders. Positive recognition can help nurture the behaviors even further. 

The Importance of Coaching Culture for Your UAE Business

“Does coaching work? Yes. Good coaches provide a truly important service. They tell you the truth when no one else will.”

Jack Welch – 

A coaching culture is another tool in the toolkit to build a more effective business. The UAE workplace has its unique challenges that can be dealt with through a coaching framework. You are nurturing employee development and engagement. In a region with many issues surrounding retention, this approach can be vital to business success. 

If you want to build a coaching culture, then take the above tips into account. Start by adding the framework to your organizational goals and change your leadership culture to nurture openness and transparency. Use the right tools to boost employee engagement, taking your business to the next level!

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FAQs on Coaching Culture

Here are a few short answers to some frequently asked questions on coaching culture:

How do you develop an effective coaching culture?

You need to put coaching at the centre of everything your organization does, from customer service to leadership. Nurture an environment of learning and communication. Know how your team interacts with one another and support employees when they are being creative and innovative. 

What makes a good coaching culture?

A good coaching culture is one that is open, honest and transparent. You want to celebrate people learning things and genuinely help each team member to succeed. If people feel valued, then they are more likely to want to keep improving and learning. 

How coaching can improve workplace culture?

A coaching culture can turn organizations around and create an environment of trust and accountability. Organizations with high coaching culture have better working teams that are striving to succeed and improve. 

What are the five essentials to effective coaching? 

The five essentials of good coaching are openness, goal-focused, resource-richness, regular evaluation, and straightforward implementation. With these five core principles, you can build an influential coaching culture in your organization. 

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