Category: Employee Benefits

Employee’s financial stress and how it’s affecting your business.

Managing finances is the top cause of employee stress in 2019, as revealed by PWC’s Employee Financial Wellness Survey. You might not think that this is a problem for your business, that your employees are compensated fairly and managing their finances is a personal issue. However, a number of...
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Just launched: Doctor Bookings on Bayzat Benefits

The global healthcare industry is experiencing a customer-centric revolution. Google gave us symptom search, then came FaceTiming doctors and now in the US, you can even book a doctor through Amazon’s Alexa. Digital healthcare services are beneficial for a number of reasons including convenience, increased selection and the ease...
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Everything about the Essential Benefits Plan

You already know by now that as per the Health Insurance Law of Dubai, every resident must have a level of health insurance that either meets or exceeds the minimum benefits as mentioned by DHA. These minimum benefits are known as the Essential Benefits Plan. The Essential Benefits Plan...
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