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Nishit aka the office metal-head, joined Bayzat in June of 2015. He’s been our go-to insurance liaison ever since – getting things done for us from the other end of the playing field. Building and maintaining relationships and agreements with our beloved insurance provider partners is a challenging task – but he makes it look easy. Invariably calm, cool and collected, Nishit seems to effortlessly head off every potential crisis, though we sometimes wonder about the large collection of stress-busting toys around his desk.


An interestingly varied background, Nishit graduated from Emirates Aviation College where he earned a degree in aviation management. Unfortunately, he realized too late that airports give him anxiety and decided to instead experiment in various fields from events management to consulting, before finally finding his niche at Bayzat.


An avid guitar player and metal enthusiast, Nishit brings a unique focus and intensity to the workplace. His weekend plans likely include things like breath-hold diving, performing with his band, or spear-fishing.

Brian Habibi