3 Signs You Are Ready for HR Automation

Here are some reasons for HR professionals to make the leap to HR Automation

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In current times, nothing evolves faster than that of information technology. The ability to adapt and grow is vital to maintaining a successful business and human resources department. With every company upgrading the latest cloud based platforms, it can be overwhelming to know how to keep up with the latest business trend or what software to turn to. Here are some reasons that it is time for you to make the leap to HR Automation.


1. You need information compact and easily accessible

Using multiple systems instead of an integrated software increases the chances of important information being left out or overlooked. Excel like spreadsheets have been a great tool in the past of storing and analyzing information, but as the information that human resources processes becomes more complicated, spreadsheets are no longer the most effective way. Especially when someone is not properly trained in spreadsheets. Cells, rows, and columns disappear easily and the information can be hidden within those missing cells. All it takes is a stray mouse click and you’ve lost all company benefits information that were listed for your few hundred employees.


Processing employee information, on average, takes up about 50%2 of all the time needed to manage an HR office. With an automated HR system, that time can be reduced and free up intellectual capital as well as improve the one-on-one experience. Combine this with the reduced time in training with platform, there is more time to focus on the customer experience and employee satisfaction. All the needed information for decision makers is within the same system instead of being sprawled among multiple tools, multiple computer stations, or even multiple versions of the original copy. An employee can make a change and it is instantly available at another location, even if it is across the country or the world. With global markets and business, having access to this information with just a few clicks it vital to a business’s success.


2. Your team demands a smooth and efficient communication

One of the largest factors in smooth communication within a business is the ability for the HR department to have access to all of the employee records and company health insurance information when needed. Having to sort through multiple pages and screens of numerous programs can significantly hinder the effectiveness of your business. To maintain strong business relations and employee retention, it is necessary to have a strong and effective HR department. Communication is the key to maintaining that. Nothing inspires new business relations like having access to all the information in one easy platform.


With an Automated HR integrated software, information is easily accessible from multiple secure access points and can even go mobile. 5.2 billion mobile devices are in use, according to research by Kleiner Perkins2, meaning the majority of employees will have more access while on the go, making going into the office for the same information a thing of the past. With mobile capabilities, all the necessary information is available when traveling or working in the field, making on the go decisions possible and more accurate. The added efficiency from upgrading to HR automation will also put you ahead of your competition. For others like you have yet to upgrade to an integrated system, it holds the company back. This advantage puts you ahead of the competition and shows business prospects that you are adaptable to new business trends and are interested in staying at the top of your industry.


3. It gets harder to keep accurate and secure information

Information security is one of the most expensive investments and can also be the most expensive mistake you can make. If your software and network systems are not secure, health insurance companies and private information can be leaked. With all the recent big name companies that have been hacked and lots of personal health and financial information being stolen and leaked, data security is vital to a business’s reputation. The right kind of software, like Bayzat Benefits, has all the security (SSL 256 Encryption) built into the software. Using a single platform to manage all your information keeps it more secure. Even though there can be multiple access points, having all the information in one place reduces the need for important protected information from being sent by means that leave it un-encrypted. It also ensures there is a protected connection before sending any information.


All of these reasons plus many more show why having the right HR management software is vital to your business’s continued success. So, the answer to if you should finally make the jump to an automated HR integrated platform is yes if you want to stay competitive in the market. It is already becoming the industry standard.


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